Shirrelle O. Moore-Mmasi – CEO/President

Native to Los Angeles, California I was born an organic teammate.  A twin with a natural instinct to look out for her neighbor.  Early in life the needs of the community tugged at my heart strings.  Leading people because it always felt right and after 20 plus years of service, speaking up and shedding light on issues of injustice I am far from done.  Inspired by my valedictorian chemist for a mother and my activist, ameliorated, whimsical father I developed a deep passion for exploration in education.  Living by the idea that “you cannot judge a book by its cover” I resolve to open the pages and read the stories of my communities. I discovered the value in listening to the stories of others, but it became very clear the importance of hearing and loving your own.

Onesmus J. Mmasi – International Analyst

Born and reared in Kakamega, Kenya! Mr. Mmasi found purpose in fighting to create silver spoons for all those that would listen. Onesmus surrounded himself with leaders. The moment an opportunity presented itself where he himself would be the sheppard, he leaped into action. Unafraid of hard work and humility Onesmus has been elbow deep in dirt, building schools and clinics with his heart and molding clay in brick with his hands. Moved by a smile and a mind, children have been showered with the kindness of Mr. Mmasi every chance he gets. Onesmus undying loyalty to community translated intoxicating zeal for work. His standard for social accountability drove him into politics and his campaign for peace pushed him back into the heart of the community. A peoples leader has positioned him powering up the youth and expanding educational and health opportunities for over 20 years.

Dominic R. Ross – Recreational Resources/Special Services & Sales

A native Nashvillian, Dominic fell in love with nonprofits when an after school program open the door to a new world with a paint brush and a canvas.  An aspiring artist youth program was where Dominic embraced his dreams and where hope found color and texture.  Dominic’s fate was sealed when he realized he wanted to impact youth the way his mentors supported him.  This determination to serve stuck with him all throughout high school leading him to join the U.S. Navy. Discipline, adventure and his unwavering belief in the purpose of community are actively implemented. Dominic spends his days coaching youth into a new community, not defined by their address for economic status.

Glynnyale L. Shiel – Chair of Community Outreach/Cultural Arts & Special Programs

As young as 5 years old Glynnyale would collect items others deemed worthless and restore their worth with just a glance. Her words was enough to have family, and friends alike ready to open their hearts and settle up.  Born in Nuremberg, West Germany popularly described as an army brat, she learned quickly to welcome new perspectives.  The new girl had its advantages, along with her optimistic approach to life she adopted a genuine way to appreciate the  “new” in everything by creating something unique.  This method to connect was the vehicle that parked Glynnyale into community activism. First she found her voice and then it found its function as a community organizer and counselor.  Thereafter, through her undergraduate studies at Fisk University flirting with her passion and then graduating with her B.A. in Sociology, so she can help others.


GM Olivia Shiel

CEO of The Bizness Magazine & Director of Branding  

Joseph Muhalya

Head of Social Media and Digital Marketing

Theodore Whidby
Outsource Team

Director of Business Development & Training

Cheryl D. James
Outsource Team

CEO of CMoore Health & Director of Rehabilitative Self Care